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Candy Facts for Kids
Candy Facts for Kids

There is no doubt that most of us love candies especially children. Candies are an amazing treat for children, which they love the most to eat. But did you know – how this treat gets its name as – CANDY?

The phrase “candy” comes from the historic Sanskrit language’s phrase “Khanda” which means “a chunk of sugar” and probable additionally from the Persian phrase for cane sugar. After a few years, the Middle English phrase “candy” started for use in the past thirteenth century.

You will find candy in almost every store and shop in every market and colony’s shop. This is because these are very cheap and mostly everyone loves to eat candies.

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If you are a real fan of candies, so here are some amazing candy facts for kids: –

  • In history theory, it is considered that the candy bar was first created in England in 1847.
  • The man behind the invention of cotton candy was a dentist named Dr. William James Morrison.
  • Today’s one of the most children’s favorite candy bars named “Snickers”, was named after a horse.
  • You will get shocked that only in America; 600 million pounds of candy were bought by Americans in just the Halloween festival.
  • Christmas festival is the biggest candy sale event of the year.
  • There are almost more than 400 million M&M’s are created each year.
  • In starting candy corn was called a chicken feed.
  • It takes near to 21 days to prepare a jelly bean.
  •  Normal candy is made by simply dissolving a certain amount of sugar in water. It is the different levels of heating temperature which determine the type of candy produced.
  •  A high level of temperature makes hard candy; a medium level of temperature makes it soft candy, and a low level of temperature makes it a chewy candy.
  • You have noticed that most of the customary flavored bubble gums types are pink in color; the reason behind it was that there was only pink color dye available when these types of candies were invented.
  • In WWII, soldiers were given Tootsie Rolls type of candy as part of their ration just for the reason that this type of candy doesn’t get spoiled over time and in a different type of unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Easter festival is one of the immense candy holidays and every year various food companies produce more than 90 million Easter bunnies along with approx 16 billion jelly beans for just the one-day holiday event.
  • Sugar is the only ingredient present in cotton candy.
  • Cotton candy was very first introduced to people in the year 1904 at the St. Louis World Fair. At that, even a box of the sweet pieces was sold for just 25 cents.
  • A single thread of cotton candy is thinner than a human hair.
  • Cotton candy is known by various names in different countries like in England it is named candy floss and in Australia and Finland, it is called by name fairy floss.
  • In the Netherlands, it is called suikerspin, which means a “sugar spider” and in France is known as “Barbe à papa”, which means papa’s beard.



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