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Dental Hygiene For Kids

UWE Candies is one of the top candies manufacturers & suppliers in central India & Indore. We take dental hygiene very seriously. After all we want our customers to enjoy more of our products and not less. They can only do so if they have impeccable oral & dental health. So,this shouldn’t come as a surprise if we care about your children’s teeth as much as you do.Oral hygiene is very important like overall health and hygiene of a child. It should begin much before the child’s teeth emit. Great dental cleanliness is more than setting off to the dental specialist. It’s a regular practice. A day by day dental routine will support you and your family to keep your breath fresh, Keep teeth white, prevent cavities, and guard against illnesses, such as gum disease/gingivitis.Acceptable nourishment and oral cleanliness can begin immediately. It is dependent upon you to build up the schedules that will help shield your kid from tooth rot and other dental hygiene issues. So how about we begin!

Top 10 Dental hygiene tips for Kids:

●Eat candies responsibly. – First and foremost, if you have a sweet tooth go for less consumption. So you can enjoy it without ever worrying about any dental problems. Poordiet can be mainly attributed to the majority of teeth in children, which mainly consists of high sugar content. A snack made from sugars taken every hour may mean that your child’s mouth is always acid that it also increases the chances of tooth decay. If it can’t be avoided for a child then At Least can be eaten less & also if the child wants to eat anysweet item, then restrict it at mealtime. For oral health, the quantity of sweet items is not that much important, that of the frequency of eating these items.

●Brush Twice a Day- Yes now that is one point the kids as well the adults should remember. After sleeping the bacteria from the night’s dinner starts feeding on it in our mouth and thus the problem takes place. One should brush twice a day to prevent the same. One time preferably before going to sleep. If possible then try to clean your child’stongue too but gently, It will reduce the chance for your child from having future mouth problems.The proper way to brush the teeth is that one brushes the teeth holding it at an angle of 45 degrees and then continues to scrub every bit of teeth. One should brush forward and backward and then inward and outward and then the backside of the teeth too.

●Gargle Before Sleeping – First & most important thing is that you should make a habit for your children to gargle with water after every meal & also before sleeping.

●Start Proper Oral Hygiene Habits- Gently clean your newly erupting first teeth and infant’s gums after each feeding with a water-drenched dressing cushion or soggy wash fabric.

●Teach Your Children- When your child is 3 years old, you start showing your child the right brushing technique in which the amount of fluoride-containing toothpaste is no more than a pea-sized, when your child is 5 to 6 years old, you Should develop mastery of soloing, after which you can introduce flossing to your child.

●Regularly visits the child’s dentist- For better Dental hygiene Your child should be taken to the dentist at least twice a year. Your general dentist or pediatrician will teach you how to prevent dental diseases. Always check for cavities in the primary teeth and see any developmental problems. So that their future can be positive.

●Regular Flossing: kids definitely need to avoid this. Regular flossing keeps the food materials and the other sticking materials on the teeth from being there, a floss can reach every space left between the teeth and pull these out. With flossing one can be assured that not a tiny bit of bacteria attracting a piece of food is left behind.

●Check Water Supply- Make sure that your children’s drinking water is fluoridated. If your water supply; well or bottled does not contain fluoride, municipal, your child’s dentistor pediatrician may prescribe daily fluoride supplements.

●Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay- Don’t let your child go to sleep with a baby bottle,whether it has formula, milk, maybe juice, even that’s a lot of sugar in there. Now when you sleep naturally you have less saliva and that’s a perfect formula for cavities. Less saliva, sugar, cavities. The key here is to try to avoid any kind of sugary content before nap time, before bedtime. And if they do wanna have something like that before they go to sleep, so do get a damp cloth, a dame gauze, or scrub those teeth. and if your child isold enough then use a toothbrush.

●Keep Yourself Calm- When you go to the dentist and you are worried about your child, then you should never try to express your feelings to your child. Try to keep yourself calm so that your child will feel calm and tell every problem which he/she has, also encourage your child to discuss everything with his dentist.


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