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Home candy making tips and techniques
Candy making at home

Candy making is not just simple cooking as it is an art and exact science to getting the perfect candy.

Are you planning to make candy at home in your kitchen for gift giving or for any happy event like a birthday party or Christmas to enjoy your own made candy with your family and friends to make the moment more enjoyable and memorable? To make the perfect candy at home you need to know the tricks of the trade, so here are some useful home candies making handy tips and techniques which will surely assist you in preparing the best candy without any hassle. 

  • Always have a good quality candy thermometer

Like we all know a thermometer is used for measuring the temperature, so always use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature of candy solution while cooking candy, jams, and jellies. 

There are special candy thermometers made of glass that have temperature level measuring words written on them like hard crack, softball. Keep this in mind do not rest the candy thermometer on the bottom of the pan which is having a candy solution as it will give a false reading. 

  • Select a dry weather day for cooking candy 

The humid day can interrupt you from making the perfect candy, so it is better to choose a dry weather day for making your candy. If you are making your candy on a rainy day, always remember to cook the candy one or two degrees higher than the temperature level mentioned in the candy-making recipe. 

  • Always use a heavy cooking pan

Try to use a heavy saucepan while making candy which means its metal plate should be thick enough to prevent any scorching and burning. Always try to avoid thin aluminium pans while making candy. 

  • Always use freshest candy ingredients 

If you want to have a perfect candy with a great taste then always try to use fresh candy ingredients. If you are adding butter to your candy recipe always remember to use fresh butter whether it is salted or unsalted. 

  • Store your candies in a suitable environment 

Most of the candies which you make can be used for many days, so make sure to store these candies in a suitable environment to avoid them from spoiling.  For this, all you need to wrap them properly in plastic wrap. Group all the candies in smaller batches and then wraps, so that if any group of candy gets spoiled it will not affect the others. Keep them all in airtight-fitting lid jars, boxes, tins, or any cartons.  

  • Do not mix different types of candies while storing 

Candies like caramels, hard candies, mints, and toffee absorb moisture whereas candies like fudge, meringues, and fondant lose moisture. So, always remember to never try to store these two different types of candies in the same container. If you will store them in the same container they all will become sticky and then you will not be able to use them for a longer period. 


If you will try to follow all the above mentioned useful home candies making tips and techniques, then it is for sure that you will be able to make perfect candies to enjoy them in with your family and friends and to amply the happiness level of your happy moments. 



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